The small Northern California town of Cora Bay: An ancient secret, a hidden legacy, and a terrifying future. Professor Bryan Keaton only wanted a tank of gas and a spare tire so he could get back on the road to his cushy new job in Portland. But this intriguing hamlet on the misty rock-strewn shores of the Pacific continues to draw him in…

Aaron McGee

Eric Lambden

Keith Barbaria

Mike Drew

Monika Peña

Recorded entirely during the pandemic, actors from Los Angeles (Aaron McGee as Brian Keaton and Monika Peña as Sonia Shattersand) , New York (Keith Barbaria as the Narrator), and New Zealand (Mike Drew as Dr. Elias Shattersand) worked together remotely to bring this electrifying tale to life.

The Conundrum of Cora Bay

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