Podcasts for busy people (like us). Shorter episodes you can listen to while living your daily life.

We’ve all been there.  A seemingly interesting topic and engaging host ... until you tune out. Foundwave is the world’s first short podcast platform. Our mission is to deliver meaningful content and unique, original show concepts in a concise and powerful package; under 20 minutes an episode.

Foundwave does not shorten existing programs like other services. It does not speed up dialogue like 26% of podcast listeners already do. Instead, we aim to create compelling listening experiences that get straight to the point from the moment you press play.

New music, lifestyle, and scripted shows are added weekly, with an added focus on hosts representing diverse backgrounds. Tune in to Foundwave's shows wherever you get podcasts, and re-imagine the way you listen.

About our shows


New music, making of the band, or blasts from the past, Foundwave's music shows translate our team's radio broadcast experience into podcast form. Through Spotify's new music licensing process, we play full songs for which artists receive royalties.


Our shows are presented primarily in narrative style, meaning our hosts get right to the point and flow through 20-minutes (or less) seamlessly. Foundwave's lifestyle programming tackles fascinating, never-heard-before topics from creative hosts.


We feature episodic drama, mystery, and comedy in bingeable bites. Foundwave produces new shows with original scripts, breakout talent, and immersive sound design, starting with the debut of The Conundrum of Cora Bay.

About our hosts

Foundwave is a creator and talent curator that debuts hosts new to the podcast world. We aim to produce one-of-a-kind show concepts that leave you wanting more. From rockstars to influencers to authors to music industry pros, Foundwave is sure to have a host with whom you will connect.

About our company

Foundwave is the world's first short podcast platform made by radio broadcast veterans who emphasize production quality and value your time. We create unique shows that get to the point in 20 minutes or less.

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