A comedic, interview-based podcast discussing the various forms “The Closet” can take on in ones life. While primarily focusing on LGBTQIA+ individuals - the podcast will also expand on the idea of the closet and who it may apply to: Drag queens, political activists, people who have wrestled with racial identity, people living with invisible or mental illnesses, comedians, actors, or even just people with secrets. We will discuss who they were before and after their closet experience - the factors that lead them there, their regrets, and their hopes for the future.

Vick Ravindran

Vick Ravindran is gay. He wouldn’t have told you so a decade ago but now, as a 31 year old out and proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, he’s telling anybody willing to listen. Vick has spent his adult life in Los Angeles, California, working in the entertainment industry, graduating from and staging original comedy at The Second City Hollywood and lip-syncing the house down as his alter ego October Surprise. He’s always loved to host, from his High School talent show to his original web series “What The F**k is Going On? With October Surprise” and he is thrilled to be able to host The Closet Space Podcast!

The Closet Space

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