Privilege is defined “as special advantage, immunity, permission, right, or benefit granted to or enjoyed by an individual, class, or caste. ”Check Your Privilege is an invitation to check our individual collusion within the interlocking systems of oppression. The systems of imperialists, capability, and white supremacy patriarchy block us from being in true co-conspiratorhip.This podcast is not focused on the cultural phenomenon known as "white privilege," as any one person can have the experiences of both privilege and marginalization. Privilege does not mean that you don’t have hardships. It means that the hardships you experience have nothing to do with your privileged identities. We’re taking an intersectional approach looking at the nuances of racial, economic, class, gender, ability, neuro-diversity, mental health, and more. Together, we’ll venture into conversions to unlearn and relearn what it means to heal our way forward, challenge the status-quo, and be better together.

Myisha T Hill

Myisha T is an awesome (and sometimes exhausted) mom to 3 differently-abled children. She is an anti-racism guide, mental health activist, speaker, and entrepreneur who is passionate about women’s mental wellness and empowerment.

A passionate advocate for mental wellness, Myisha T believes that when people get real, they can begin to heal. She founded the “Check Your Privilege” (CYP) movement, an online community, and a series of workshops that support women all over the world in exploring their relationships with power, privilege, and racism.

She is a proponent for women of color having access to healing and co-leads Brown Sisters Speak, a mental health peer-support movement for BBIWoC (brown, black, indigenous women of color).

Check Your Privilege

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