Snippet presents the first-of-its-kind, all-BTS Podcast ... made by Army for Army. The show features BTS music, analysis, history, news, and interviews. Co-hosts Randi Lavik and Sidekick Sylvia bring their enthusiasm and curiosity about all things BTS from FM radio to podcasting. The show includes BTS songs from the band's eight-year catalog in their entirety with a Spotify Premium subscription.

Randi Lavik

Sylvia Park

Southern California native Randi Lavik (she/her/hers) has Los Angeles radio roots starting in 1987 when she spent her formative years at KROQ. Later, she worked at KLOS-FM, KRLA-AM, and KQLZ-FM "Pirate Radio."  Randi currently spends weekends volunteering at KX FM 104.7 in Laguna Beach. In 2019, Randi launched "The Drop," an FM music program where she quickly established herself as the first programmer/host in the USA to play BTS deep tracks, solo releases, collaborations and new releases on-air. Notoriously, "The Drop" broke the KX FM server twice, got Twitter love from the likes of Eaeon and Missy Elliott, and remains at the top of station ratings, all thanks to Army support.  Randi is also a music columnist for publications including "LA Art News" and "OC Music News."

Sylvia Park (she/her/hers) was born and raised in Southern California and is the eldest daughter of South Korean immigrants; her family hails from Busan. BTS is a three-generation family affair for Sylvia, having been introduced to the group by both her father and very young son in 2016.  Professionally, Sylvia works with community-based organizations specializing in counseling the at-risk, vulnerable, and underserved within the Asian American and Pacific Islander population in Orange County, California. Sylvia has conducted trainings on “Mental Health First Aid,” “Know Your Rights,” (for undocumented individuals on how to handle law enforcement encounters) and “Cultural Sensitivity.” Sylvia has participated in Orange County women's marches and most recently, the "Stop Asian Hate" rally. Sylvia’s extensive background in social work is an asset both on and off the air.  Sylvia will provide valuable, insightful commentary on the significance of BTS’ influence in the West based on her own personal experiences as a Korean-American woman and advocate for the AAPI community.


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