We get it. Short is in.


Become a partner of one show or the entire network of Podworks programs. Your brand will be featured as "baked-in" content read live by our hosts for maximum engagement and audience attention.

Product Placement

Have a product you’d like to be featured on one of our podcasts? Our hosts will consider product trials and features integrated seamlessly into their shows.


Have a great podcast that aligns with one of our shows? Podworks will consider co-promotions with other podcasts where audience interests align.

Advertising Spots

Podworks can help you promote your products and services on our shows with targeted geolocation, interests, and demographics. You only pay when your ad is served to your targeted customer.

Don’t worry, listening numbers are coming.

Foundwave might be small and mighty to start, but there are big things in store for this short podcast brand. Advertisers, now is the time to get on the ground floor of the future of appointment-setting digital audio engagement.

Let’s chat, but keep it short.

Foundwave, Inc.


Advertisers, Creators, Time-Savers, we’d love to hear from you.
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